Face Book! What a Useful Tool.

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The article I have chosen to blog about for this week is one entitled “‘Number one Tool’ For First Nations? Face book”. This article takes an in depth look at how social media outlets such as Face Book have been a useful tool to the First Nations people when it comes to their political elections. Face book has become something that is used worldwide by people from all different walks of life. From individuals who own fortune five hundred companies all the way to people who are looking for their old school mates. The fact cannot be denied that Face book in many ways is in fact the tool that keeps even people who live thousands of miles away from one another extremely close. I personally consider it to be the easiest way for personal information to be shared, through status updates, photo albums and live chats.

Keeping all this in mind it is no wonder that face book is something that is being used on the campaign trail for these First Nations politicians. In the article it is stated that Face Book allows for the politicians to share their personal beliefs and concerns with all the constituents that they cannot reach because of the great distances that divide them. However, while reading this article there are quite a few things that I thought about that I personally believed can be used to argue against the use of Face Book in a political arena. For instance in the article it is stated that there is a major divide between those who live in urban areas and those who live on the reserves; which forced me to question how a platform such as face book could be useful to individuals who do not have access to the internet. Do their concerns and their questions get pushed to the side? Is more attention paid to those individuals who do in fact have access to the internet? If a politician cannot hear the issues had by the people then how is the politician to know what needs to be fixed? In that sense it is almost safe to say that for those who do not have internet their needs are not as important. Something else I could not help but notice is the fact that there are a multitude of things that could be misinterpreted through social media networks. There are messages of all kinds that could very well be misconstrued or ideas, thoughts, or emotions that could be misinterpreted by the voters. The last thing that came to mind for me while reading this article is how it is these politicians would know just whom they were reaching out to. What I mean by that is how will these politicians know that their political platforms are being received by the people who need it the most? I previously stated that face book is something that is accessed by people from all walks of life and for every age, which of course does not leave out the fact that even individuals who are not able to vote may receive this information and completely overlook it because it is not of something that is of interest to them. I almost feel as though face book could handicap the ability for these politicians to go into these communities and see the people who come from them. It is almost as if only those who have face book will be politically informed about the issues.

Now although there is whole lot that can be said about the use of Twitter or Face book in the political world I feel as though this article makes it seem as though First Nations people are doing something that has never been done before, or something that is strange and out of the ordinary. We see day in and day out all the political information that is brought to us by way of social media outlets. For example for these upcoming elections in the states I am so use to seeing trending topics such as #reasonstovoteforobama or #obamaforpresident. Individuals as powerful as the current president of the United States have twitter account, why? To reach those voters who live on their laptop, or to reach a certain demographic. This brings back to me this whole idea of “Kony 2012” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc which was something that swept social media outlets everywhere when it was first presented. It is through that event that we saw just how quickly information could be spread. Social media outlets are perfect when it comes to sharing information like the First Nations politicians are trying to do. But at the same time as I previously stated information can very much be misconstrued as we saw here in the “KONY 2012” phenomenon where it was only afterwards people started to ask questions about who Kony was and why there suddenly was such a great outcry for his capture being that the crimes he had committed were crimes he had been committing for an extended period of time. So, on one hand yes Face book being used as a tool to communicate is a wonderful thing, but on the other hand it should not be relied on too greatly for important issues.



Karen A.


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